Partner program

Cloud BOT is looking for sales partners, in order to deliver valuable automation services to more customers.

About partner program

Partner's benefits

Sales tools

We will send you a brochure to introduce Cloud BOT. In addition, we will issue a Cloud BOT partner certificate.
Online support

Online technical support by an operator is available.
Reward system

Depending on the status of the users who have signed up, we will return a portion of the sales fee to our partners.
About assistance and support.from Partners to Customers.
Partners are free to set their own fees for implementation support and maintenance costs.
*There is no need to pay us commissions for the cost of assistance, support and maintenance from partners to customers.
*When a partner provides assistance or support to a customer, please clearly indicate that the service menu is unique to the partner.
If you would like to request materials regarding your partner, please apply here.