About Cloud BOT

Cloud BOT is a web automation service package that was developed based on the concept of “making automatic operation more familiar and easier”.

point 1

Create a browser automation robot easily!

Record your daily operation on your web browser.

All you need is a browser environment for the browser automation. We did our best to elominate the technical term, that is easier to understood. Only operate the browser as usual, you can create a bot easily.

Be your Best partner

Web operation automation is mainly used as business automation (RPA). However, Cloud BOT can also be used in private scene such as browsing websites on smartphones or using web services on a daily basis.

point 2

Three types of BOT supporting automatic processing

- Application BOT -

『Application BOT』

A BOT that enables high-efficiency and high-quality processing using the API (communication procedure) provided by other cloud services.
In the future, convenient BOTs such as e-mail transmission BOT, spreadsheet operation BOT, storage management BOT, etc. will be provided sequentially.
※The release is scheduled for 2021.

- Browsing BOT -

『Browsing BOT』

Automatically record you daily browsing and run. No need for dedicated software, create a BOT in the smartphone browser.
Automation is also possible for services that not supporting APIs.

- Chain BOT -

『BOT for connecting BOT』

A-BOT and B-BOT both have inputs and outputs. C-BOT is a combination of them. Not only A-BOT and B-BOT but also connecting C-BOTs, and C-BOTS that published by other people, The possibilities will be extended by the connection
※The release is scheduled for 2021.

By creating a BOT separately for each process, it can be used flexibly in several C-BOTs enable to be used in various situation.
When the design of the website subject to automatic operation have been changed, only modifying the B-BOT that needs to be modified, and all the C-BOTs that use that B-BOT are supported.

point 3

Cloud BOT as a platform

Market place

Creators around the world will be able to publish thier own useful BOTs on the market and also download them for use.

Establishment of community site

We are planning to build a community site where users can collaborate to solve problems and share ideas.