About Cloud BOT

What is Cloud BOT?

Cloud BOT is a cloud-type RPA service for automating various operations performed on a web browser. We aim to improve work efficiency by automating the operations that are performed on a daily basis on the browser.

The following works can be automated.

entry work
Registering or updating the same data on multiple sites
Registering or updating multiple data in succession
routine work
Sending the same message every day
Information gathering
Data Integration
between systems
Data integration beween different cloud services

How to create a robot

1. Login to Cloud BOT service from your browser.
2. Create a robot on the cloud server using the BOT editor.
Cloud BOT will record your web browser operations automatically
Operating the browser screen displayed in the BOT editor (virtual browser) just like your daily browser operation, the cloud BOT will automatically record the operations as a task.
You can create an automatic operation robot easily without any specialized knowledge.
The videos show how to make a BOT in detail. Even beginners can create a BOT easily.
> Click here for the documents.
Complete documentation
If you could not understand how to create a BOT even if you have read the document, we have a free technical support system.
* Available from the free plan.
> Click here for technical support.
Technical support for free

How to run a robot

Manual execution
You can execute the robot by pressing the execute button after logging in to the cloud BOT service from a browser of your PC or smartphone.
Scheduled Run
By setting the schedule, the robot can be executed regularly when required.
* Subscribe to a paid plan for a single office or higher is required to use this feature.
API execution
You can call the robot as an API from your system or service.
* This function is for developers.

How cloud BOT works

The robot will operate automatically for the virtual browser on the cloud server. It enables the automatic operation of Web services and applications which are operable in a Web browser.
The robot will be provided and executed in the cloud.
The robot will be created on the cloud server. Since the execution is also performed on the cloud server, it does not occupy your device while the robot is running.