About the safety of Cloud BOT

3 security factor for increasing safety of Cloud BOT.

We took strong measures to ensures secure access from three different points so that users can enjoy Cloud-BOT with no worries.

Separation of saved data

Saved data will be separated into shared imformation part and the exclusively owned part in Cloud-BOT, so we can handle the usage range and the access appropriately.
For example, created BOT can be shared in your group, all the members can see it and run it. But the account information and the API KEY information is the user's own informations that will not be seen by other members.
In this way, we have adopted a structure that can manage sensitive user information individually without degrading convenience of shared use.

”Shared information”

・Definition information of BOT(process of automatic operation, etc.)
・Execution history of BOT(processing time,result)
and so on.

”exclusively owned information”

・Account information used in BOT
・Tokens used for API execution
and so on.

Encrypted saved data

Not only account information for sign in our service, the input, output data, the screenshot took in the execution, log informations are also encrtpted. We use encryption method such as reversible encryption method or irreversible encryption method which is best for each data. Enabled an advanced security system for information leakage, falsification.

Exclusive of BOT execution sources

Cloud BOT uses serverless technology, and each time one BOT is executed, server resources (CPU and memory) are allocated exclusively. Compared to run multiple BOTs at same time in one server, we can remove the security risks occured by other BOTS by separating the execution enviroment.

ISO27017 certification

Cloud BOT is certified to ISMS cloud security (ISO27017), is authenticated as a service qualified for international security standard.