Cloud BOT Agent

"Cloud BOT Agent" is the application that enables Cloud BOT to connect with a local area network.

By installing "Cloud BOT Agent" (hereinafter called "Agent") in your PC or servers, Cloud BOT can manipulate a web screen on the corporate network or peripheral devices accessible from Agent.

Agent is useful like these scenes.

case 1

"I want to operate a web system on servers on a local area network."

Cloud BOT, in itself, cannot access web systems on a corporate server (a local area network), since it is cloud service. By using Agent, Cloud BOT can access web systems on a corporate server.
Because of this, you can operate a corporate system automatically, and also integrate data between a corporate system and cloud services.

case 2

"I want to operate a web system that is granted access from a coporate only."

When Agent is used, the operation from Cloud BOT executes via the PC installed Agent.Because of this, you can operate automatically and integrate data with cloud services etc that are granted access from a corporate only.

case 3

"I want to access to corporate web systems from my home or outside."

All operations can be executed from Cloud BOT. You can operate corporate systems from your home or outside, while activating the PC installed Agent in the corporate.

case 4

"I want to integrate corporate access BOT with various external services. (Example of iPaas utilization)"

Cloud BOT supports iPaas integration. You can integrate corporate systems with various external services in real time.
For example, you can automate the following thigs. One is to integrate customer information in the corporate systems with SFA tool in real time. The other is regurally to notify the persons concerned of working progress by LINE after getting the progress from the corporate system.

case 5

"I want to publish API of corporate information securely"

Cloud BOT can publish the BOT you created as API.
You can publish API that automates the I/O operation of corporate systems or web devices. The published API can be integrated with external systems easily and securely, since it supports for OAuth2.0(RFC6749) and API key authentication.

Compatible with Mac OS / Windows

Cloud BOT Agent is now available for Mac OS and Windows
*Supported devices are added sequentially.

There is a user's manual to implement easily.