Connect with iPaaS. Enable to invoke your BOTs from iPaaS.

Cloud BOT supports integration with iPaaS such as Zapier, IFTTT, Power Automate, Make, Workato, and Yoom. This makes it possible to call BOT (Browser Automated Operation Robot) created in Cloud BOT from various web services and applications.

It is also possible to build integrations with passed and returned parameters, such as ”Pass data from trigger service to a BOT”, or ”pass the BOT result to action service”.

Introduction of various iPaaS

Have garnered an overwhelming share of iPaaS, and connectable to more than 2000 (as of June 2020) web services and applications.
It supports many services used by corporations, including slack and various Google services, and is widely used in the business scene.

IFTTT has a large share of iPaaS mainly for personal using, and it enables connections between more than 400 (as of June 2020) web services and applications.
Connectable to Line and famous voice service, Alexa, these days japanese user is gradually increasing.

A service that automates workflows between various applications, centered on Microsoft products. It enables cooperation between more than 400 types of Web services and applications (as of December 2020).
Not only Microsoft services such as Office365, but also cloud services for various businesses such as Gmail, Slack, and Salesforce can be linked, and it is attracting attention in Japan.

It is attracting attention as an iPaaS with a high degree of freedom. Since filters and conditional branching can be set in detail, flexible data linkage is possible.
In addition, it is an iPaaS that can be used for both business and private use because it can be fully utilized with a free plan. More than 700 types (as of February 2021) can be linked between Web services and applications.

Workado is the leader in the enterprise iPaaS market and it is rich with business features such as server redundancy and strong security for large-scale operations.
It provides connectable connectors for over 1000 web applications (as of April 2022) and supports the automation of complex logic such as conditional branching and loop processing with simple operations.
* Documents, websites, etc. are scheduled to be translated into Japanese by 2022.

Yoom is a Japanese iPaaS tool that automates operations using various SaaS and AI APIs.
Since Yoom is a Japanese-made service, it can be integrated with many domestic SaaS such as kintone, freee, Chatwork, etc. with no code.
Another unique feature is the ability to create semi-automatic workflows that combine manual responses such as approvals within a workflow, as well as the ability to create custom databases within Yoom, allowing the use of APIs for various services with the information in the database.

System flow automation with iPaaS

iPaaS is short of integration platform as a service, it enables to connect to various Web services and application through API, and build data Integration and system workflow. Zapier,IFTTT,Power Automate,Make,Workato,Yoom enable those with no-code, so they are spreading in foreign countries, and it also has been attracting attention in Japan.
However, the iPaaS integration is based on both services you want to ingrate must have published API, It is not possible to link with web services and in-house systems that do not have APIs, and It becomes a limited service connection.
Therefore, by using RPA , which enables browser operations automation, to connect to iPaaS, it is possible to automate your flows no matter it has its own API or not.

For example, if you receive an inquiry about your service, you can automatic register the content to your customer management system by setting email receiving as a trigger and running Cloud BOT. Then, by treating the end of the BOT execution as a trigger, you can automatic report to all the people concerned that you have received a new inquiry via chat apps .

Specific Connections

Run a bot from an external service

You can run your specified BOT by executing a web service or application as an event trigger .
Dynamic parameters is available on BOTs, so you can pass required paramaters to each BOT.
If you receive an Email which has the subject contains ___, run the BOT and register the email content on system.
If you have new record added in you Product Management spread sheet, then register that product automatically.
These kinds of processes will be possible.

Notify BOT results to an external service

you can execute next events by treating the end of the BOT execution as a trigger.
The execution results or obtained data can be passed to next event.
Write the automatic obtained data to chat apps,
Notify in the email that the scheduled job BOT has been completed successfully.
These kinds of processes will be possible.

Further developments about services connect

With the integration with PaaS, Cloud BOT enables to connect to a wide range of web services and applications. Further, to enhance the ease and flexibility of integration with external services, we are also planning to release BOTs that enables to integrate API directly within cloud BOT.