Connected Cloud RPA

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Cloud BOT is a cloud RPA that makes the web automation possible with no-code. It enabled a real-times connections with other services by using iPaaS.

Cloud Bot production image
Cloud Bot production image
Using our automation operation robots, you can automate various tasks
Data Integration
Data Check
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Web Browser Automation and Connecting With External Services


Web Browser Autotomation automates your daily tasks as a cloud RPA.



Officially supported by Zapier,IFTTT,Power Automate,integromat and connectable to more than 2800 apps.

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By adopting both Robotic Process Automation(RPA) and application integrations, Cloud BOT enabled flexible and stable web automation.

RPA made with no code

Cloud BOT will record your web browser operations automatically

CLOUD-BOT remembers your operation automatically by its own virtual browser technology.
No need for dedicated software nor specialized knowledge, everyone can create your own robot and run it only using you browser as usual.

Three features for successful operation



Cloud BOT does not require technical knowledge, everybody can create a robot with no-code.From creating a robot to run it, all steps will be done on cloud. You do not need troublesome installations nor exxpensive servers.


Fully secure

All communications and saved datas are encrypted in Cloud-BOT. You can use is securely and safely even for internal business. It can be used without worries even for internal business. More advanced security options is plannen in the future.


High Quality and low cost

Latest serverless technologies is used for Cloud BOT. By assign BOTs to the server only when BOT running, High quaility and low price service was accomplished.


Price plans that can be selected according to the operation scale

Single office

Best for small businesses.

$30 / Per month
BOT Max execution time
6 hours / Per month
- Run 10 seconds BOT for 2,160 times -
data storage
Maximum concurrent access
3 BOTs

System linkage

Best for pros who need system linkage or large scale execution.

$480 / Per month
BOT Max execution time
160 hours / Per month
- Run 10 seconds BOT for 57,600 times -
data storage
Maximum concurrent access
100 BOTs
* If you need other plans, please contact us from the inquiry form
For free plan users.

New users can experience the Free Plan with no time limit! Max BOT execution time is 30 mitiutes per month for free plan.