Best for starter, personal use.
Single office
$30 / Per month
Best for small businesses.
Multi office
$60 / Per month
Best for multi-purpose, multi-base businesses using.
System linkage
$480 / Per month
Best for pros who need system linkage or large scale execution.
BOT Max execution time(*1) 30 minutes/Per month
6 hours/Per month
15 hours/Per month
160 hours/Per month
data storage(*2) 1GB 10GB 30GB 100GB
Maximum concurrent access - 3 BOTs 10 BOTs 100 BOTs
Member Management -
BOT sharing -
Scheduled Run -
API execution
Cloud BOT Agent
* If you need other plans, please contact us from the inquiry form
*1 About BOT basic available time

monthly BOT useful time.

*2 About data storage

Available storage for BOT execution logs, acquired data, and pictures.

About Paid Plans

・Cloud BOT uses advance payment method and your first month will be free.
・Our payment plan is a subscription service, our customer will be billed on 20th for the next month.
・We ask for your understanding in advance tha you cannot cancel the payment plan after submitting in principle,.

*Conceptual Diagram showing payment for the single office plan.

About subscription cancellation

・We don't have a term contract. You can cancel subscription each month.
・No extra charge for the cancellation.
・We ask for your understanding in advance that you cannot get a refund in principle.