The automation of file operations is now supported

Main picture that describes the automation of file operations Main picture that describes the automation of file operations

Supports the automation of various file operations performed by the browser, such as uploading and downloading files. Thus, cloud BOT can automate most operations performed on the browser, further expanding the range of utilization.

Supported operations

File download operation
・File download
・Display image download
・Save the displayed page in file format.
File upload operation
・File upload (multiple files allowed)
Image going to download a display image on a virtual browser

Examples of automation utilizing file operations

case 1

Automate file transfer from one website to another

Cloud BOT automates the task of downloading files from arbitrary website and uploading them to another website.
This frees you from the hassle of simple work and prevents you from forgetting to sync files or miss work when the person responsible is absent.

Image of file transfer between websites

For example, you can automate these tasks.

For those who operate an EC site
The task of downloading CSV about sales information from the EC site and uploading it to the accounting system.
For those who use tools such as CRM
The task of downloading a CSV file containing customer information from a CRM (Customer Relationship Management) system and uploading it to another customer management system.
case 2

Register all information on multiple sites at once

By supporting the download and upload of images, it is possible to transfer all information including images to another site. By passing the recorded data to BOT, BOT will perform the registration work on the actual website on your behalf.
If you are operating multiple EC sites or registering the same information on multiple portal sites every single time, you can significantly reduce the work time required for registration and updating.


For example, you can streamline these tasks.

For those who operate an EC site
Product registration work and inventory update work on multiple sites (such as EC sites and mall-type shopping sites).
For those who manage real estate portal sites
Tasks of registration and update of property information for multiple real estate portal sites.
For those who manage job information
Tasks of registration and update of job information for multiple job sites.
case 3

Use Cloud BOT Agent and you can link with Web system in the local network

By using Cloud BOT Agent, it is possible to pass data including files with Web systems and IoT devices in the local network.

Image of data linkage with Web system in the local network

For example, you can use it in the following way.

Link with core systems in the local network
Data linkage from the core system in the local network to the cloud service.
* The core system must be displayable on a web browser.
Link with NAS in local network
Store files downloaded from websites and cloud services on NAS in your local network.
* The files must be able to upload from the NAS Web UI.
If you are using the Cloud BOT Agent application, please be sure to update to the latest version.

Our schedule

Latest release / development schedule

  • File download / upload API(Released)
  • Support iPaaS linkage function of files
  • "Extensions function" for Virtual browser
  • Supports basic authentication(Released)
We will announce the specific release time once we decide.